Greatest Showman Bible Study for Youth

Greatest Showman Bible Study for Youth

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Come Alive was one of my favorite lessons series of all time. It is just fun to teach with these amazingly fun songs.

Come Alive is a 4 week Bible study that uses the songs from The Greatest Showman as a jumping off point to talk about God’s abundant life. The theme verse is John 10:10 and each week adds to the theme that God calls us to not just live, but to thrive and have an abundant life. Themes include being satisfied with God, being honest with who you are, and God’s grace when we mess up. While this Bible study was designed for teenagers and youth groups it would easily fit in an adult setting as well.

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Creative to be creative

Creative to be creative

One of my struggles when it comes to preparing lessons for youth ministry is just how much creative and different stuff do I add. Sometimes I think I am adding stuff just so that I can add something.

I don’t know how much that helps, but I try to be creative with how I teach. Sometimes it feels like I am being creative just to be creative.

But sometimes something cool happens and I am able to make something that helps students to connect with the lesson and it is amazing.

Unfortunately I never know what is going to connect and what is going to fall flat.

Alone: A Good Friday Idea

Alone: A Good Friday Idea

Every year at Easter I am reminded that we know nothing of the Saturday between the crucifixion and the resurrection. In this week where most of the events of Jesus’ ministry were explained it is weird to think that we have this hole there on Saturday.

I have preached about this a few times, but this idea I think will work on a Good Friday service.

This is a short sermon idea that would be part of a larger Good Friday worship experience.


  • You will need 7 or 8 volunteers who need to have a little foreknowledge of what is to come, but they will not need much practice.
  • Right before your message bring the people up on stage. Have one person stand off to the right side and the rest of the group to the left side.
  • The people on the left should face inward and sort of be pretending to talk among themselves.
  • Right after they get set the person on the right should approach them and very subtly look like he is going to join their circle before walking back to his place on the right.

After their little scene plays out leave the participants on stage and have the Then have the speaker come on stage and ask these questions about the guy on the right:

What do you think he is feeling?

Why do you think that?

Have you ever felt like this before?

What do you normally do when you feel this way?

When you are feeling alone is it easy to think that you are the only person who feels this way?

Have your volunteers sit down and then begin your message. Depending on what your focus is for the rest of the evening either read from Isaiah 53 or

Matthew 27:45-46 “From noon until three in the afternoon darkness came over the whole land. About three in the afternoon Jesus cried out with a loud voice, “Elí, Elí, lemá sabachtháni?” that is, “My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?”

The Message

When we are feeling alone it is easy to think that we are the only person who feels this way. One of the amazing things that we see in the story of the cross is our Savior experiencing loneliness. Even though he is surrounded by a crowd and between two theieves His words indicate that He felt alone and abandoned.

As we come to this time and place where we pause and remember the cross. Let us not move to quickly to Sunday morning. Let us remember that Jesus left His place in heaven, left eternal and perfect community with God and came to earth to suffer, to die, and to be alone.

Jesus chose to be alone so that through his death and sacrifice we who were outcast no longer had to be alone.

So if you are here and you feel like you are an outcast. If you are here and you feel alone, rejected, on the outside you need to know two things. One this church is a place for you to feel accepted and find your place, but much much more than that number two is that Jesus himself knows what it feels like to be alone. He walked through loneliness, separation and the cross so that you could know Him.

That is why we call this Friday good. Not that Jesus died, but that Jesus sacrificed himself for us, and Just like the story of Jesus didn’t end of Friday your story doesn’t end with you alone. In your story there is a Sunday coming and it is when Jesus Christ comes into your heart and you are never again alone.

A Glimmer of Hope

A Glimmer of Hope

I have been struggling for a while with our youth group on Sunday night. We are bringing in a whole new crowd of kid and they are a bit rough around the edges. I have enlisted some adult help* and switched to a more experiential model of teaching and that has helped some, but what probably made the most difference was has been the time I have spent outside of church with students.

I have been making an effort to meet with kids outside of church whenever I could. I had supper with one of my high school kids this week and found out that he had gone through a pretty rough time as a kid. I also found out that another younger kid was going through the same thing.

So tonight I connected those two people. It was amazing to see this guy who many people feel is trouble talk to another kid who constantly gives me grief and see them for at least a moment bounding.

It wasn’t earth shattering. The older guy didn’t know what to say and the younger kid was a little worried about the whole thing, but the concept was dare I say it holy. It was a chance for the older kid to practice being the church and the younger kid to feel that he is heard and loved.

It wasn’t much. There is still a whole lot to do, but for a moment there was a glimmer of hope.

These days that is pretty amazing.