2 Movie Day

Meredith and I took our day off post mission trip to go to


. As it turns out we made it into a 2 movie day. We watched The Island and Wedding Crashers both at matinee prices. (mission trip was good for one thing we got used to waking up early).


Anyway, I don’t want to spoil The Island for anyone because I know it is the first weekend and very few people have seen it yet, but I really enjoyed the movie. Like always I wanted less action and more development of the plot, but all in all it was a really cool story. It isn’t a perfect movie, but I went expecting pure popcorn fluff and was surprised.

Why I am writing this, though, is because I kept being reminded of traditional church as I watched it. All of the conformity and the “proximity alerts” made me smile as I thought of what a whole lot of people feel about church. It is exactly what many adults would like for youth ministry. Watch it and see if the moments don’t start to feel eerily familiar.

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