3 Quick Art Ideas

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3 Quick Art Ideas After the Jump

Illustrated Concepts:

When you are dealing with a concept that students may have a small understanding of, but would like to see how much they really grasp it give them the opportunity to draw it. You will be able to gauge how much they understand and probably find some good jumping off points for discussing the idea.

Here is how it works:

Pass out paper to everyone. (I would suggest half sheets of paper because those of us who can’t draw sometimes feel a little intimidated trying to fill a whole sheet)

Group them into groups of no more than 4 to share art supplies

Give them the concept that you would like for them to explore. Some examples include: Love, freedom, sacrifice, hope, or forgiveness. Normally I would add a restriction that makes them think beyond the obvious, for instance when we talked about love I didn’t let them use a heart, or when we talked about forgiveness I wouldn’t let them use a cross. Those small things make the students dig a little deeper and help you get better responses.

Let them have an ample amount of time to draw. There will be a few people done in 30 seconds, but this activity isn’t for those people. The people who really respond to a drawing exercise will take their time and dig into it.

At the end of your drawing time have them get into different groups of 4 and then share their pictures and why they drew what they drew. Move around the room during this time praising their work and listening for cues to their understanding. Choose a couple of pieces to kick off the rest of your discussion.

Group Collage:

This is a simple way to add art to your worship. Let everyone create a piece of worship art an collect them into one large collage.

Here is How it Works

Pass out half sheets of paper (of for a more permanent display those small hard canvas boards you can get at an art supply store). Choose your theme (an easy first theme would be the cross) and then have students to draw pictures around that theme. Normally if I am going to use them in a collage I will ask students to fill the entire sheet with color. (This will make the final project look more complete)

Play some soft worship music and let the students interact quietly as they draw. Collect them when they are finished and ask some artistic youth to come and help you arrange them on a wall in your youth room before the next meeting.

Art Missions Project:

One idea we are doing with our children’s ministry this year is to let art be part of a missions project.

Here is How it Works

A local artist is coming to teach the children some basic art techniques and guide them as they draw a few simple pictures. For younger children you may want to include some finger paints too.

Then once the pictures have been completed we are going to our local nursing home to present the residents with the pictures. The children will get a chance to explain to the residents what the pictures mean as well.

It is a simple way to introduce children to the idea of missions.


For some more art ideas check out the worship outlines 

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