Over the past few years I have fallen in love with Photoshop and graphic design work. If I could go back to school again I would take some classes in it (and I also recommend anyone going into ministry to take a couple). This week for the pastor’s sermon notes I put my own picture together. I am sort of proud of it so I thought I would put it here. Grand total I spent around 3 hours just getting this title slide down, and then another hour making all of the subsequent point slides (but that wasn’t creative work, just typing and aligning). The funny thing is that most of that time was spent tweaking and trying to make things look just right.

That is the thing with computers; there are so many possibilities. You can always go back and start again or change what you have done. This image contains 2 background paper texture, and I must have rearranged them 100 different ways. I labored long over where the crack in the texture should be: her cheek, her hands, not on the girl at all etc. Someone who doesn’t second guess themselves as much as I do could have done this image in much less time, but in the end it is something that I am proud of, and I wanted to talk about how a computer’s infinite possibilities sometimes cause more trouble than they help. So I figured it was a good time to include it.

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