700 Club Fund Drive

I sometimes wonder where negative views of Christians come from, and then I turn over and catch the 700 club fund drive and I get it. It is very scary to me how the public face of Christianity is people asking for money and preaching a political agenda. Is it any wonder that people don’t trust Christians anymore. In our country today, there are many people who have never met a real, growing in faith Christian and so all of their opinions come from watching people ask for money on TV.

I’m not saying that the 700 club is bad. OK, yes I am saying that they are bad, but I don’t really have any evidence why I think they are bad. It just seems that every time I flip past them they are talking about something political or like tonight they are asking for money. It may not be right for me to judge them without knowing all there is to know about them, but that is what lost people will do.

Alright, I have to stop right here and talk about this DVD they are giving away if you become a member calling "How to Heal" and the teaser they put for the DVD was a guy saying that he could give you steps for having a closer relationship with God, to prophesy to people, and to heal the sick, and It never fails. Is this guy really saying that there is part of dealing with God that is foolproof? Ever time I thought I had God figure out I have found that He is bigger than my 4 steps. It is ludicrous to say that if we follow these 7 steps then God always acts this way. When Christians teach that, and then God decides to work–as he always seems to do–in a different way than he has worked in the past then people get mad at God, when who they should be mad at are the people who taught them God as a formula and not God as ultimate creator.

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