A Break from Extremes

So last week I was at kid’s camp (which in and of itself is a remarkable thing and should be discussed, but that will be later). At camp I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on Twitter and Facebook. I would spend the morning checking out a couple of headlines, but I wouldn’t pull out my phone all day and read through my feeds.

It was about the 3rd day when I realized that unplugging for that stuff actually lowered my stress level.

You see my feeds are interesting. My Facebook feed is primarily people from church life and so it runs very, very conservative. The stress I get from there mostly is the stress that comes when someone you respect posts a subtly racists picture with a whole bunch of facts that actually aren’t facts and I am left trying to decide if I should explain the truth to them.

My twitter feed is actually very liberal. I tend to follow a bunch of celebrities, media personalities, and new organizations. So this means that it leans further left. The stress there comes mainly from feeling like I can’t fix any of the problems and that as a Christian I feel this deep desire to help people who are in pain, and there are a whole lot of people who are upset and angry. My stress also comes from the fact that I believe (even though I know it isn’t true) that the right words and right argument can make a difference and help any situation. So I get stressed trying to find the words to say to make situations better.

But honestly after being away from it all a week I realized just how much those feeds add unneeded stress to my life. In the end I can’t help the people who are willfully ignorant and just repost whatever picture with some text on it they see. I also can’t help explain that all Christians are not evil and that all of us don’t hate you or think you are a terrible person.

So instead of chasing down the things that I can’t fix I am committing to work on the things that I can.

And most of those things require looking up from a screen and doing something in the real world.

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