A Convergence

Do you ever notice how God sometimes brings things from all sorts of different places together at the same time to really drive home a truth or maybe even start a movement? I am living one of these convergence type moments right now.

You know how I have been really thinking about social justice issues and how we as Christians need to get out of our church and into the world. Add to that the H2O Project, the cool post from my student the other day, our transitional pastor’s message series on stepping out and a new book I am reading called Be the Change and you have the makings of a new focus in my life.

Then we get to camp and I am surrounded not by the normal M-Fuge sort of “Let’s make a difference” type stuff, but the a new feel, a feel like we are actually supposed to be different. I don’t know what this is going to turn into or what this is going to be, but I feel like some thing is coming together here.  

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