A Day of Ideas

I really was sitting in our meeting today and I thought of a really good idea that I was going to share here, and now that I am sitting in front of my computer I have no idea what it was. Which is good because I’m not really sure of the legality of sharing things from this meeting. So maybe forgetting is God’s way of keeping me out of trouble?

Today was crazy. We spent the morning talking about all of the requirements and guidelines for the writers (right now I think I am glad that I don’t have to go home to such a mound of work). I am such a nerd. I found most of the stuff pretty cool. I like learning how Sunday school material gets written.

The afternoon was spent talking through the first two thirds of the lessons for the quarter that we are working on. We talked through ideas for unit themes and then walked through ideas for activities and such for each lesson. This is why they have me here to come up with ideas so I tried to actually add some, and maybe I did. The whole process was fun, but strange because we weren’t really working towards completing anything. Each unit has a writer who will go back home and do the hard work of writing so we never really narrowed anything down. It was cool, but strange.

Right now I am sitting in my hotel room trying to avoid what I need to be doing. I have to preach on Sunday and I’m not prepared (I just found out I have to preach today). I think I am going to use the text from one of the lessons. Again, I don’t know how legal that is, but if I don’t publish it I think I will be ok.

Oh yeah, I am also in a conversation right now with one of my youth on AIM and she won’t tell me the truth so I am going to go and try to figure out what is up with her.  

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