A Different Level

I have played foosball a few times in my life. I’m not good at it, but I don’t always loose. I can hit the ball into the other teams goal and can block shots and normally know which little handle to turn.

I knew I wasn’t the best at the game, but I also thought I knew what someone who was good would look like. I assumed that just a little bit better than me would be someone who was good.

Then I met someone who was actually good at fooseball. He was passing from one set of linemen to another, putting spin on the ball to make it bounce where he wanted and pretty much demolishing everyone who came against him. It was a whole different level of play.

I am the same when it comes to playing guitar. I can play chords, and that means that I can play rhythm guitar along with most songs. What I can’t do is play lead guitar. I can’t improvise or do cool stuff with the guitar. For someone who doesn’t know how to play guitar I look like I know what I am doing. But as a person who knows a little I realize that I am a long way from being good.

I think that following God sometimes is like this. At each moment when we get to know God we think, “hmm…I know God pretty well” then something happens and a whole knew level of knowledge opens up. Sometimes the more we know about God the more we realize that we don’t know.

The more we know also reveals just how amazing it is to know even the small parts we know.

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