A Fresh Start at Storytelling

I know I haven’t been writing lately, but two weeks at my me job and I am still trying to figure out where all of the rooms are and how to get to the sanctuary without going through the basement. As I am trying to get my head around all of the traditions, meetings, expectations, and just general stuff that goes on at this new place I have been teaching some lessons that I have taught before. This actually makes me very excited because on Sunday nights I am storytelling my way through the Old Testament again.

I really think I am wired to teach this way. I like creative things and preaching and helping students who learn in different ways (and all of that is included in this study to some degree) but at my heart I like to be involved in discussion and lead others to look at and talk about the word of God in fresh ways.

I have talked about this before, but I am using the material provide by www.echothestory.com. It is an amazing resource full of ideas and lots of free material. If you haven’t checked it out (or purchased the great book “Shaped By Story“) then do yourself a favor and go spend some time there.

Stories are sort of at the heart of what is happening in our group right now. We are telling stories on Sunday night and on Wednesday night I am trying to tell some stories of my life. I am also having one student a week share a “testimony” or just a little talk about what God has been doing in her life. It has only been two weeks, but I have loved hearing their stories. It lets them tell their stories to their peers and also lets me in on some of what God was doing at this church before I got there.

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