A Good Day

Because my birthday always falls right before school starts back it seems like I am always doing some sort of youth activity on it. This year was no exception, but thing year was a pretty good day. Right now it is officially 12:02 so my birthday is over, but let me give you the run down of the fun stuff.

  • Went to Back Yard Bible Club. Our theme this year is heroes so we had a couple of skits with funny dressed superheroes and made these cool snacks using fruit roll ups as capes, twizlers as the stick figure bodies, and marshmallows as the heads. 
  • I checked out the cool stuff my sister said about me in her blog
  • No one single child showed up at our BYBC. That’s right last year when we messed everything up and just went looking for kids on the day we started we had 7, but this year when we actually placed flyers out we had ZERO. 
  • But the youth were not deterred. We worked on a few things and now we are doubly ready for tomorrow (if we don’t have kids we are going out looking for them)
  • The youth hung out in the office with me until it was the normal time to leave. We didn’t really do much, but it was a good time just to be together.
  • One of my youth bought me an XBOX 360 vision cam for my birthday.
  • I went to eat with Meredith and Nathan
  • I came home and chilled for an hour while Nathan napped and then played on the computer until he woke up
  • Nathan and I played around the house and I ate one of the chocolate cakes from Captain D’s my wife got for me.
  • Meredith came home from work and said he had a baby sitter lined up so we could go and eat
  • We went out and actually had good service at the restaurant (a rare thing for the place we went)
  • Came home and put Nathan to bed
  • Went out and mowed the front yard and some of the back until it was too dark to see my lines
  • Took a shower
  • Watched “My Boys” with Meredith
  • Talked to my adopted mom on the phone
  • Chilled until she fell asleep at 9:30
  • Spent the rest of the evening learning to code “Blogger” (which I still don’t like, but at least I think I am figuring it out)
  • Wrote this highly entertaining post about what I did on my birthday. 

All in all it was a pretty good day. Nothing fancy, but I got to do all of the things that I love: be with youth, play with my son, hang out with my wife, and play on the computer. If I had only gotten to buy a gadget it would be perfect. But tax free weekend starts tomorrow so who knows what fun things I may come home with.

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