A Last Minute Event

I messed up this week and tried to plan a trip without first finding people to drive. So we ended up having to cancel our trip to see Shane and Shane in Auburn tonight. Since we weren’t going to the concert I tried to come up with something else for the students to do.

I told the students to meet me at a local resturaunt. Ther were instructed to bring money for food and $1.08 more. After we ate we walked over to the Dollar Tree. I had the students go in and buy something that they could use to tell other people about the love of God. After they all picked their items I divided them into four groups and had them choose the best item out of the four. Then I had the top four people present their objects to the whole group and we voted on who’s was the most original. It was pretty fun.

Of course for the students the more fun part was on the way to the Dollar Tree. I had a crazy idea that I wanted to film a Zombie commercial so we did. It was stupid of course, but fun. I am hoping that YouTube hurries up and process my videos so I can let you see them here. But until it does you can check out the finalist and their objects. You can also see our version of the classic video "Thriller."  

2 thoughts on “A Last Minute Event

  • September 8, 2006 at 1:40 PM

    Great idea. Thanks for posting it. Be sure to let us know when the Youtube vids are up.

  • September 9, 2006 at 8:27 AM

    The Dollar Tree idea was great!

    If you find drivers and would still like to attend a Shane & Shane conert, there are tickets available for the concert on Sept. 30 at The Baptist College of Florida in Graceville, Florida. Just let us know and we’ll pick up some for you!

    The pictures of Nathan are precious. He’s getting so big!

    May God continue to Bless your youth, your church and your precious family!


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