A Messed Up Night

Getting some good feedback about the relook at salvation that I last posted about. Most of them sent me an email directly and I may if I get the time pull some ideas from them and make a new post about it. In the mean time let me hear from some more of you.

Last night at church I had the opportunity to take the whole service. I got it in my head that I was going to do a worship service with all guitar music, some videos, some quite time, and a short sermon. As it turns out all of that required an awful lot of video and sound switching and no one who knew how to run any of that stuff was around so I was literally running back and forth from the front and the back of the church to get everything working.

It was all a disaster. I never really hit that place that I would call worship and I don’t think I led anyone there either, and the sad thing was that was what I was talking about. It was very, very sad.

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