A Moment of Worship

Last night when I was practicing with the band I had a moment of worshp. It snuck up on unexpected. Normally practices are fun, but not very engaged with God. We are just trying to make sure we have everything ready for what happens when people walk through the door.

But last night we were singing “Wholly Yours” the David Crowder song. (btw, that is just a great English major type song. When you start calling God the antonym of me and make the whole hook of the song based on a homonym. It makes me smile) and suddenly it was more than just practice. I thought about what I was singing “I want to be holy like you are” and suddenly it was a deep desire of my heart as well as a deep shame of how far away from that I really was.

I am feeling a stiring of God’s passion again, and it is makin me thirsty for more.


One thought on “A Moment of Worship

  • July 13, 2009 at 4:35 PM

    Hi Shane,

    I’ve recently read your entries about losing your passion and have been searching for some words of encouragement for you and after reading this post I want you to know that you are; holy, accepted, loved, chosen, righteous, worthy, forgiven, and victorious not because of anything you do or don’t do but because the Christ that dwells in you is all of those things. I encourage you today to live your life out of the finished work of Christ and to know that everything He is you are also.
    Thank you for your site,


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