A Need to Create

This summer has been a hard one for me, but looking back at it I can’t really understand why. It seems like I haven’t had time to sit down, but we didn’t really do that many extra things and when you take out Friday Night Connection and Wildlife it should have freed up my summer, but instead I have been running around trying to find time to sit down and actually get some work done.

One of the off shoots of that is that I haven’t had time to just do things that let my creative side flow. Aside from the song that I wrote while at 6 Flags I really haven’t been making things from scratch. Even the youth lessons that I have been doing have been out of books so I wasn’t creating, just adding my personal flair to each lesson.

Today as I was trying to sit down and work I found myself feeling this need to create in a very big way. I couldn’t focus on what I was doing because ideas about D&D campaigns or a cool way to do a youth DVD or some new story idea kept coming into my head. It is like my brain is tired of doing work and wants to play around a little.

The sad thing is that this week I don’t really have time to just let it play. I am still trying to get my Wednesday night lesson up and running and I have a Friday Night Connection this week that I haven’t even started to think about. So I guess it will all have to wait until next week to come pouring out of me.

The cool thing is that school starts back on Thursday, and I think that should be a holiday for all Youth Pastors. Come on guys let me hear you—Is there any day better in the world than back to school day?

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