A Parent’s Prayer Lesson

I am well into a new study, but this whole reawakening to prayer of the past few months is still with me. I have been meaning to tell this little devotional thought for a while but other things keep popping up. So now even though it is a few weeks old now I know that Sumer Analytical Sunshine likes getting shout outs here so I will go ahead and tell it.

I was on the phone with my sister talking about how Nathan has now learned to say please. At the time he was just starting to understand that if he said please he would get what he wanted. I said to my sister that it is hard because I want to give him whatever he says please for. 1) Because I want to reinforce the positive behavior and 2) because it is just so freakin’ cute.

So she tells me this story about her and her son Caleb. She said that one day they were leaving for home and getting back into the car. Caleb began to say, "Please momma, please don’t make me ride in my seat. Please don’t strap me in momma." She said he was asking very nicely and using all of the right words.

So you know what she did?

She strapped him into his car seat.


Because she loved him and didn’t want him to get hurt. You see she understood something that her son couldn’t. She understood that he was tired and needed to get home. She understood that in case of an accident that car seat could save his life. She understood that a small amount of discomfort for him wasn’t worth risking his life. She loves him and she knew more than him so she acted out of her knowledge and did what was best for him.

But she said that it was hard for her to do it. She said that she wanted to give in. In the end she said, "That was very good of you to ask nicely, but I have to strap you in your seat." She let him know that she had heard him and praised him for asking, but because she loved him she didn’t answer his request.

(Part of me just wants to stop right here and not hit you over the head with the spiritual point you have already seen for yourself. So if you already know where I am going stop reading now)

Think about that when it comes to you and God. There are times when we ask, and we are asking in all of the right ways, but God knows what we don’t know. He is God after all and not some genie who has to grant our wishes. So he comes close to us and lets us know that it was nice of us to ask. He pours his presence into our lives and brings us comfort and then straps us in for the ride. He is God and he knows more than us. We pray. We pour out our hearts, and then we trust that He is God and He is good. 

That is a good theory, but more times than I like to think I am the 2 year old crying in the back because I didn’t get my way. But God still loves me and even though I whine and cry He acts with love towards me. 

It is amazing what you learn being a parent.  

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