A place to breathe in worship

I have been reading Greg Atkinson for a while now and I have been very impressed with his recent posts about finding a space for your worship music to breathe. You can check out the discussion here.

Our Wednesday night praise band has a very hard time finding any sort of dynamics other than loud. We make even the softest of praise songs sound like an 80s power ballad, but these past two weeks I have been trying to push the idea that everyone doesn’t have to play all the time.

It makes the music more interesting and also I think creates some spaces for more introspective kinds of worship, but in a bright lit room (which we are in right now because we gave our cool worship space over to the children’s ministry) it can sometimes be hard to stand on stage in front of everyone and not play. But my guys came through like pros tonight and I think the worship music portion was some of the best we have had in a long time.

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