A Safe Jesus?

Check out this great post from “rhymes with kerouac” over at Daily Life in the Homeless Shelter. Here is a part of it…


What happens next in the story is remarkable. The disciples – who had just finished a tour of the country, working miracles, healing people, casting out demons – stop and count the cost. They realize that it would be something in the neighbourhood of seven months wages to feed all these people, and with their tone ask Jesus if he’s nuts. So he sends them scurrying about for five loaves of bread and two fishes, which he then uses to feed the multitude, and there are twelve baskets left over. You know what I think? I think if the disciples had grasped the significance of who Jesus was – if they had bridged the gap from the work placement they had returned from a few hours earlier to the moment that stood before them they could have performed that miracle instead of Jesus. I want to berate them for lacking faith to work miracles but, instead, I realise they wanted their lives to go back to the way they were. They wanted the safe Jesus, the one who did all the miracles for them, the one who never asked them to do the impossible.


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