A Scrapbook Worship Project

Here is a worship activity that focuses on remembering what God has done for us.


  • Pass out to your students blank index cards.
  • Instruct them to write PRAISE on the top of one and THANKS on the top of the other
  • Say: God is worthy of our praise whether he ever does anything for us or not. Just by his very nature we should be lifting up our voices and our worship to him. Take a moment and come up with some things that you can praise God about that have nothing specifically to do with you. Record your thoughts on your PRAISE card. You can write a paragraph or a poem. You can draw your praise or simply come up with a list. A good way to get started is to think about finishing this sentence "God is…."
  • Play some soft music while students spend about 3 minutes filling out the PRAISE card.
  • Then say: But the amazing thing is that this great God that we worship also comes and interacts with us. Spend some time writing on your THANKS card some specific things that God has done for you. You can start with big things like giving you life, but try to move to things that are personal to only you.
  • Again, play some soft music while students spend about 3 minutes filling out the THANKS card.
  • Now here is where it gets "artistic". Pass out a piece of construction paper to each student.
  • Place tape, markers, glitter, glue, stickers, and whatever other scrapbook type things you can find near enough for each student to have access.
  • Instruct students to tape their cards to the construction paper and then decorate the paper like it was a scrapbook.
  • Invite students to come up with a name for their page such as "God at work" or "How I See God Today".
  • When they are finished make sure that they put a date on the page somewhere.
  • Now you have a few options. You can send the pages home with the students with instruction to put it somewhere that they can see it and remember or you can keep it and do an art project with the pages.
  • Some art project ideas include: Making one big scrapbook with them or putting them all up on a wall somewhere that the rest of the church can see.
  • If you collect the pages be sure at a later time to give them back to the students.

Debrief: It is important for us to remember who God is and what he has done in our lives. Many times we will find that we are in a place when God seems less real to us and looking back on the places where God has revealed himself to us help us to move forward with God even in those difficult times.  


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