A Small Gift

Our church is going through a rough time right now. Two years without a permanent pastor has taken its toll on us. There are lots of small grumblings and distractions and honestly sometimes it is hard to keep going back each week and being positive.

But tonight God gave me a pretty precious gift. He gave me a reminder of why I go back every week, and why we open up the doors, and why we meet together to worship and go out to serve Him in our community. I had a chance to talk to a mother who is new to our church. During the conversation she began to talk how she had never really been a part of a church and about how she was really enjoying being a part of our church.

As she talked I could feel God speaking to me, reminding me that it was for such as these that we exist. It isn’t about fancy worship or even paying all the bills. It is about people who don’t know God finding a place to call home and some people to call family and in the middle of all that meeting their creator face to face for the very first time.

That is what church is about. I hate to say that I had forgotten that, and I am very grateful that God gave me the gift of remembering.

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