A Students Perspective on Job

As we were discussing the story of Job I felt like the students weren’t quite grasping what was happening. I mean, they knew the idea, but were having a hard time making it personal. So I told this story.

Imagine your mom is out with a bunch of other parents. They are discussing their day and their lives when out of the blue your mom suddenly says, “Have you seen my daughter? She is the most polite, well mannered teenager I have ever seen. She is respectful and honors me with her words and actions.”

The other mothers pipe up and say, “Of course she is! You give her whatever she wants. She has a car and a phone and freedom beyond measure. Who wouldn’t be nice with all that. Take it all away and see how she responds.”

So that very night your mom comes home and says, “You are grounded for the next 9 weeks. I am selling your car and canceling your phone. You are to stay off the computer and not watch television. It is just to school and back home for you.”

Now imagine she said that with no reason, no explination, no big revelation that it was to show the other mothers what sort of character you have. How do you think you would respond.

It isn’t a direct correlation to Job, but it worked well enough to get my point across. The conversation got a little more intense from that point forward.

One thought on “A Students Perspective on Job

  • October 27, 2009 at 1:37 PM

    what alovely post. And a great analogy, i reckon that that must have got the point across no end!


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