A Treasure Worth Seeking

We used to call potential converts “seekers,” but apparently the cool term is now “inquirer.” Although I think “inquirer” sounds like someone who buys up those checkout lane magazines about Elvis’s three-headed dragon living in a box of Cheerios. By the way, when it came to vocabulary, Jesus cut right to the chase. He called the unsaved “lost,” and he said it in a way that made the lost sound like the treasure we should all be out looking for. Now that’s cool.

This quote is an aside in a larger article, but I couldn’t get the thought of lost people being a treasure we should be out looking for out of my head. I often think of evangelism in "I Need To" terms or "They Need God" terms, but rarely in terms of seeking after a treasure. That is cool.  

One thought on “A Treasure Worth Seeking

  • October 31, 2006 at 10:46 PM

    The folks at Off The Map might make the argument that "lost" has connotations of ignorant to those who are, you know, lost. They opt for the term "missing." Possibly because it carries with it the meaning you’re pointing out.


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