A Wannabe Writer

I have these small urges to write, and give a year of free time I might actually stop long enough to create a complete story, but my attention span and my lack of disposable time means that I end up with lots of little paragraphs that would be good openings to stories. I wrote one the other day and it keeps coming back to me. It just seems like the start to a story that I would like to read.

The deep scar that ran down the left side of his face from the top of his ear to the corner of his mouth didn’t mar his features, in fact before the wound he was rather plain looking with nothing that would even require a first glance much less a second. But the scar added character to his round soft face and turned the corner of his mouth up into a sardonic smile so that he always seemed to be hiding some private joke. Because of this most people assumed there was more to Patrick of Hibrey than met the eye. The truth was there wasn’t much else going on behind that scar other than a desire for a simple life and a death from natural causes.

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