A Weird Blend

We had a hang out night at church tonight–one of those things that I try to do from time to time to help me get to know some new people a little better. Tonight ended up with a weird mix of people. One of the true things about any party is that you have to have a good blend or you are going to have some interesting issues.

Nothing was really bad, there were just little pockets of teenagers all playing their own little games. That makes it hard for me because I want to hang out with everyone so I am bouncing back and forth between groups.

All in all I had fun, but some how once again the true nerd-boy nature of our group came through and much of the night was spent with guys smashing into each other like pinballs. I mean I would love to have a few guys who actually want to talk to girls so from time to time we could have a civilized game of something instead of naked testosterone all of the time. It is fun, but I like conversation too.  

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