A Windows Rant

There is nothing that annoys me more than programs that stick folders into My Documents. Actually that isn’t true, what annoys me most are programs that stick folders back in that I have already deleted. Am I the only person who likes to actually keep their My Documents folder usable and that means free from a ton of extra stuff. I guess I have been an Office user since the addition of the My Documents folder and I remember when it was just for…wait for it…documents. Now it is the repository of every small bit of saved information that a computer wants to store. I mean, why doesn’t adobe put their stock foto folder in adobe or better yet in My Pictures. And what program keeps sticking in a My Ebooks folder? I delete that one every week and can’t figure out what keeps sticking it back in. Is it too hard to ask the My Documents folder to be for documents that way those of us with a million Word and Publisher files can at least keep some order.

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