A Woman’s Quilt

The adults are meeting in the art building here at Belmont and there is a quilt that won some sort of competition for "mixed media." On the quilt there are these Polaroid pictures of women and written beside them are what I assume are their quotes about women.

There is this one quote beside the picture of sweet looking senior adult lady. That reads like this…

Fashion went downhill when women started wearing slacks. Sure women have many more opportunities and life is alot easier today than when I was growing up, but along the way we have substituted pride for equality. I see this in the way women carry themselves.            –Lourine

 I was enthralled by this quote enough to write it down and I have been talking about it off and on all week. What I have found is that there are two responses to it, and it all depends on what you think about Lourine. If you think that Lourine is a bitter old women who thinks that "these girls today are just hussies and they should get back in the kitchen where they belong" then this is a pretty harsh statement.

But I tend to want to think about Lourine as a kind woman with soft eyes who looks around her at the driven, frazzled, women that she sees and wonders what happened to their beauty. I like to think of her as a woman who looks around and maybe gets a little misty eyed when she talks about the way that women used to be set apart and lovely and wonderful and different, but gloriously different from men. I like to see her sort of sigh when she says that "we have substituted pride for equality" because she knows that equality is a good thing, but she wishes that women didn’t have to pay such a high price for it.

I don’t know what I think all of that, but I think Lourine is someone I want to meet.



(In case you can’t tell by the writing style I am reading "Blue Like Jazz" again and it is getting into my brain–in a good way) 

One thought on “A Woman’s Quilt

  • June 7, 2006 at 5:07 PM

    This is really quite lovely. I would lean towards your perception of Lourine, but then I tend to think the best of people.


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