Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

I am currently looking for a new video camera. This camera will be for home use, but mostly for church work type stuff. I have several youth movies ready to tape. I am just waiting for a camera.

On top of that I would love to record some broadcast quality stuff that I can use here at and other places. (I have this really great Christmas video sermon opener thing that has been rolling in my head for years). I have the budget for a higher end consumer camera–well, barely have the budget for a higher end consumer camera. But to bump up production I will need one of the entry level “pro” miniDV cameras. If I am going to spend a chuck of money I would love to just go ahead and spend it towards the higher end model.

Here is where you come in. 1) If anyone is updating their church or personal system to add HD capabilities and would like to unload their older model cameras at a lower price please send me an email.

 2) I am starting the promise-that-I-will-get-this-fabulous-new-Christmas-video-that-he-is-talking-about-for-free pledge drive. You can participate by clicking the “Make a Donation” button to the right and using your paypal account or credit card to make a $5-$5000 donation to

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