Amazing Race

If you don’t watch the Amazing Race then this post won’t make much sense, but I am really sad that the family with the young children were eliminated this week. I have never seen a family on TV who I thought got family life right more than them. As they played through the entire game they were supportive and excited and looked on the whole thing as an adventure not just a game they were trying to win. I don’t really watch reality shows much, but this family really caught my eye and I am sad to see them off the show.

I was talking to Meredith about the contrast between them and the family that is very openly "Christian." I hate to talk about them because it must be very hard to be in an ultra stressful situation and have the nation watching, but at every turn they are talking about God. The way that the show is edited it seems like every other sentence is something about God. For instance when a task wasn’t going well the Mother yelled for her daughter to pray. This is good advice, and I normally agree with most of what they are saying, but there is something that puts me off about them. Part of it is that they are the people who talk about God a little too much, like they are constantly reminding people that they are Christians. They are the spiritual equivalent of those people you see clinging to each other at the mall with their hands in each others pockets. They want to be sure that everyone knows that they are a couple.

Anyway, I don’t want to denigrate this family, but their attitude isn’t always the best. I say this with the caveat that I know this is an edited show and we aren’t seeing reality we are seeing entertainment, but their attitude is such that it rubs people the wrong way.

So here we have a family who is overtly Christian who walks around with a bad attitude and we have this family who never talks about God (I don’t know if they are Christians or not) but who demonstrate the love of Christ wherever they go and treating each other with love and respect. The truth is that this family does more with their actions than the other family could ever do with their words.

Now all I need is a copy of the show and permission to show it and I have a ready made sermon. It isn’t your words that preach it is your actions!

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