American Idol Youth Lesson

crappy-idol2.pngI have watched a combined total of less than 15 minutes of American Idol, but I hear it is sort of a popular show. A few years ago I wrote a lesson as a part of my summer study that I called "Crappy Instrument American Idol". I was looking through some of my stuff for a lesson that I am putting together this week and I found it again. I wish I had time to make this a little more user friendly, but I think you can get the idea and make it into something useable from this stuff.

Crappy Instrument Idol


Open with the Crappy Instrument  Idol Contest. (see directions below)

The American Idol phenomenon in our culture is just a symptom of a larger problem. Everyone feels like they have to perform to be loved and accepted. Society if full of fakers and wanna-be’s . You see these people all the time. While most teenagers fake it to some degree during the average day, that isn’t really the sad part, the sad part is that most teenagers are faking it when it comes to God too.

Our theme for this summer is? Esse Quam Vidiari of TO BE RATHER THAN TO APPEAR. As we focus in on who we are on the inside we must learn to stop performing for God and for other people

Most people believe in their heads that God loves them unconditionally, but when you look at their lives they don’t act that way. They try and earn God’s love and when they mess up they feel like God doesn’t love them anymore

In our quest to be rather than appear we need to learn to stop trying to earn God’s love and just relax in the greatness of it

Turn in your Bibles to Romans 5:6-8

Ask: What do you think God is saying to you in this verse?

Ask: How would applying this verse to your life change the way you live?

You didn’t do anything to earn God’s love. In fact God loved you when you were absolutely unlovable. You didn’t do anything to earn God’s love and you can’t do anything to lose God’s love. His love is unconditional

Here are 4 steps to resting in God’s love

Step One: Become a Christian

Ask: What does it mean to become a Christian?

Ask: Other than heaven what are some benefits of being a Christian?

Step Two: Remind yourself daily of God’s love

Wake up every morning and say to yourself that God loves you with an unashamed, unconditional, unending love. I have seen some of you guys in the morning and I know it is hard to remember that God loves you even with morning hair. But you need to remind yourself that he loves you no mater what.

Ask: So does God’s unending love mean that you can go out and do whatever you want?

Ask: Will God’s love ever stop?

Ask: Then why not just run after sin?

Believe it or not God knows what is best for you. If you follow God’s plan you will have less pain, less trouble. God uses the holy spirit to convict your heart of sin. That is churchy for he makes you feel guilty so you will turn back to him.

That leads us to Step Three: Ask for and accept God’s forgiveness

Many of us refuse to go to God and ask for forgiveness. Or we continually beg God to forgive us of something. Don’t be afraid to take your sins to God and trust that when you do they are forgotten.Actually they are all forgiven already

The daily act of confession helps God to shape your life like his, but the cross = Forgiveness (alright here is an aside, I don’t think this line sounds like me. I like it and I will claim it if no one else does, but this may be a quote from someone else. If so I am sorry)

Step Four: Relax in the knowledge that he loves you

Since God loves you you are free to do more, serve more, reach out more, take more risks. God’s love is like your service safety net. You can reach further because you know his love is there to catch you. God loves you. Stop trying to perform. Rest in that love and go out and change the world.

Crappy Instrument Idol Directions: 

Divide your students into groups of 4 or 5. Before the session gather together a package of items for each group that they can use to create "musical" instruments. Each group should have identical items. Some ideas include: paper, tape, a comb, yarn, glue, plastic spoons, paper plates, dried beans, etc.

Pass out the following directions

Your mission:
Use the items in your bag to create a musical instrument for everyone in your group. Your instruments don’t have to be recognizable, but they must accompany your group in a recognizable song. You will be judged on originality, musicality, and over all performance. You have 6 minutes to create your instruments and practice your song. Everyone in your group must participate in the performance or you will not qualify for the grand prize.

Give some candy to the group that gets into the spirit of the game the most.  

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