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Complete self-confidence is not merely a sin complete self-confidenceis a weakness. Believing in one’s self is a hysterical superstitiousbelief
G. K. Chesterson Orthodoxy (chapter 2)

Yes, before you ask, I am reading 2 books (if you want to know I am listening to a third as well.) I often have more than one book I am reading, but rarely do I have two non-fiction books that both keep drawing me back to them.
This is a quote from Chesterson’s book Orthodoxy which I have just started. I love the idea that complete self-confidence isn’t strength, but weakness; isn’t a virtue, but a sin. One of the biggest problems with modern Christianity was the reliance on one’s self above God. When we learn that it is not self-confidence, but God-confidence that we need then we are free to be who God created us to be.


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