Anticipation and Anxiety

Anticipation and anxiety, is that about the best way to describe
feelings for a sitcom you really love. I have to say when I am watching
“How I Met Your Mother” I am loving it, but at every turn I am dreading
that the next piece that they add will kill the delicate balance that
makes this show worth watching.

Tonight, I think we may have
caught our first glimpse of the woman who will become the “Mother” of
the show, but I am not sure. Either way I hope she will be a regular
cast member. Let me set up the scene for you since none of you were in
my house. I am watching with my wife and the show is winding down and I
am about to get up and head for a bathroom run when suddenly across the
room Ted locks eyes with none other than Ashley Williams
of “Good Morning, Miami” fame (or infamy when you consider how bad that
show was). I saw her and actually let out a little yell and said, “Is
this the Mom? I hope so because I love her.” and I must have said it in
a little too I really love her and not enough I love pizza sort of way
because Meredith gave me a look.

But I really do love her. I
think that second to Meredith she has the prettiest smile in the world.
So anyway, there she is and I really was hoping that she becomes a
regular character, but at the same time I am scared of her being the
mother because I don’t want the show to lose the cool feeling that it
has. So there I am again stuck at anticipation and anxiety, and for
some strange reason really liking it.

Before I end this I did
some research and it turns out that Ashley Williams’ character is
called Victoria and actually was in the episode with the pineapple, but
unless she was the girl in the bed I can’t remember who she was.  

Note: Apparently I have decided to stop writing about creative worship
ideas and just do reviews of pop culture and websites. Coming soon my
review of Kong and something actually useful if you are in ministry I

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