Any Jewish Scholars Out There?

So during the crucifixion narrative we see this verse about the veil in the temple being ripped from top to bottom. What I was wondering is who fixed it? Or at least who made another one and hung it back there? I am assuming that for the next couple of decades before the Romans finally trashed the temple they didn’t just go without a veil.

The reason I am asking because I think that is about as powerful of a metaphor as the veil being ripped apart. Think about this. God opened the way for everyone to have access to him, and then men put that veil back up again. "No thank you, God, we like our limited access if you don’t mind."

I am working on a sermon for Sunday night that I am tentatively calling "Sewing up the Veil". In this I am talking about how we as a church once we are on the inside tend to sort of lock the doors and while giving lip service to outreach actively try to keep out everyone who doesn’t look like us. It is like once we are on the inside we want to sew the veil back up so that no one else can get it.

These are still rudimentary thoughts (I have 2 more sermons before I get to Sunday night) but I was hoping maybe someone had some insight to what they did about the veil after it was torn.  

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  • April 7, 2007 at 4:16 PM

    I am not a Jewish scholar, LOL. But I looked all over the internet for some information about this. This is the most I could find, in a sermon outline from Colonial Baptist in Cary NC:

    According to Josephus, the first century Jewish historian, along with other records of Herod’s temple, we know the veil hung 60 feet from top to bottom. If you can imagine—the ceiling in our church auditorium is 30 feet high, so double that height, and you will have the height of the veil. Josephus also said the fabric was as thick as the palm of a hand.

    This veil ripped from the top—where the hand of God could reach without scaffolding. His unseen hand ripped it from the top to the bottom.

    This signified that Judaism was now replaced. The priesthood was nullified as our only Mediator and High Priest gives to us the right to enter within the veil and come boldly before the throne of God. (Hebrews 10:19-25) There is no more sacrifice; no more separation; no more fear; no more ropes around ankles…

    What did the Jewish leaders do about it? What did the temple priests do about this veil, now torn in two? They evidently, sewed it back up and continued on as if nothing had happened.

    There is no evidence cited, and I couldn’t find anything else. But it is a fascinating question that I have pondered since reading your post. I love your idea for a sermon! It is a powerful metaphot indeed.


  • April 8, 2007 at 7:37 AM

    I have no extra ideas, but Love the question it brings up! I have looked in on your site for a couple of years; just for my personal journey. It has often inspired me, and I often pray for you and your work.
    (Australia, ex youth worker, now mum)


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