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I have been spending lots of time lately hanging out on the web checking out different places that talk about graphic design and how it relates to the church. It is funny what I have found in many of these spaces is a certain lightness of heart, a joyful response that at first I didn’t quite know how to explain. But what I see is people who have a passion to be creative are being given the opportunity to use that passion for God’s glory. As more and more churches begin to use media more and more people are getting that opportunity.

It is a pretty amazing thing when you get a chance to worship with your talents for the very first time.

Now granted there are some people who have been doing this stuff for a while who are elitist, and there are others who like to build themselves up by looking down on others, but by in larger there is a community of people who honestly want God to be glorified through imagery. It is a cool place to be.

A couple of the places that I like to hang out around would have to be which I have talked about on many occasions and The Church Marketing Lab Flickr Group which has is a great place to share ideas and receive constructive critism. If you are a wanna-be graphic designer like me you may want to check them out.

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