Master Shake: Look at him and tell me there’s a God.
Meatwad: He made me in his own image.
Master Shake: Oh, yeah. That’s right.. God’s a big meatball! I forgot!

I have said it before, but Aqua Teen Hunger Force is just hilarious. Tonight they were talking about going to church and the above conversation broke out. I have to say that a T-shirt with Meatwad saying “in the image of God” would be just freaking awesome!

Meredith and I went to


tonight to pick up an ipod mini. Since my MP3 player broke I have been jonesing for my portable audio books so we took the night to head to Best Buy. As it turns out the only color they have is pink. As much as I need my MP3 fix I can’t see spending $200 for a pink player! So I come home to order one and have it delivered and the online store (Best Buy) only has pink! I guess I am going to have to save up some money and order a cool green one direct from Apple. I may need to just scratch my plans for a mini and go for the 30GB photo.

2 laser engraved lines of 23 characters each on the back for free. What I need is something cool to put there. I think just putting my name is pretty dorky, so I need some sort of slogan or saying. Our summer theme is going to be “Love God Love People” but that has been around awhile. Maybe I should put “Meredith is the greatest.” Anyway, let me know your suggestions.

One thought on “ATHF and IPOD’s

  • March 23, 2005 at 10:48 AM

    30 gig iPod Photo… thats the way to go, shane. And also, you dont have to have something ingraved on it. But make sure its something really really cool if you do get something engraved on it.


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