Auburn Loss Depresses Nathan

So Nathan and I were watching the football game today. He wasn’t paying much attention, but as the tigers were on their last drive I started clapping. He thought that was fun and started clapping too. His mom walked in about that time and we started trying to get him to say “War Eagle!” and “Go Tigers!” (He sort of says War Eagle btw.) It was a fun time for all of us as we would clap and he would clap and we would cheer and he would throw his hands in the air.

Well, when Cox threw the last pass to no one Meredith say, “Oh no,” and looked real sad. I think I said, “Well crap,” under my breath. Immediately Nathan looked around like he was going to cry. It was like he could sense that the mood had changed. He had no clue what was wrong, but he knew something wasn’t right. The two of us laughed then and cheered trying to get him to cheer again, but somehow he knew we were faking it.

So even at 16 months Nathan is a true Auburn fan. He knows that there is no sense in cheering if they can’t even beet Mississippi State even if the freshman QB looked promising. He is growing up so fast that I expect next week he will have a teleprompter and break down the blocking mistakes of the offensive line.

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