August 22

Glenn Beck says that the world may end on August 22. So in case it really happens take this as my good-bye

6 thoughts on “August 22

  1. John says:

    Welcome to the paranoia express!

  2. -B says:

    A fellow Glenn Beck listener? Impressive….most impressive, young Skywalker.

  3. John says:

    So did ya’ll become a listener recently? Or are ya’ll old school sick freaks?

  4. -B says:

    Actually became a sick freak just before 9/11. The stations here stopped carrying Glenn for a while, then picked him back up.

    I’m not a total gear-head like Shane, so I don’t do podcasts. When at the office I stream all day (making me an ADL or All Day Listener.) They just recently switched Dr. Laura to Dave Ramsey. Yeah, yeah I know, Dave. Sell the car.

  5. John says:

    Wow Klif is my local station! So do you listen to Ankarlo too? When they made that switch they also cut Glenn from 3 hours to 2. I am still not too happy. I am considering renouncing my ADLhood. LOl

  6. says:

    Congrats, we’re still alive!

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