Automatic Updates

This is what I wrote in our church newsletter this week. I liked it so I will post it here too.

It seems like everyone is on Facebook right now. If you don’t know what Facebook is I would tell you to ask someone younger, but really I have as many Facebook friends who are older than me as I do friends who are younger.

One of the options of Facebook (and of the even more hip Twitter) is that you can tell the world what you are doing at any given moment of your life. Are you about to walk into Walmart? Well you can share that with the world. Are you feeling down because you just ate an entire cheesecake? You can post it and let your friends commiserate. Mostly it is a fun way to share info and see things about other people.

But I wonder how many people would still be on Facebook or Twitter if the updates were automatic. In other words would you still be willing to sign up and show the world if you didn’t get to choose what to share, but everything you were doing was being posted.

“Jim is being mean to a waitress because he is having a bad day.” “Sally knows she got back too much change at the grocery store, but she is staying quiet.” “Bill is talking about someone behind their back.”

We would cringe and run if these things were ever posted, but yet everyday we do these things right out in public. As Christians our lives are not our own. As we act we should be reflecting the light and love of God.

So as you go through your day today imagine if your life was creating a Facebook status update, not about you, but about Jesus. Think about your actions being attributed to the one you are supposed to represent.

It just might change the way you walk through your day.



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