Back for a Busy July

For us June is busy, but it normally doesn’t take much planning. Camp and VBS pretty much eat up all of the event time so there aren’t many other things that happen. July on the other hand is far and away the most packed month of youth events of the year for me. We are having an outdoor worship time, going to play paintball, doing a backyard bible club, possibly having a free car wash (or other service project), and in the middle of all of this I am having a 10 year reunion for the people who have been youth of mine.

So yeah, it is busy.

But my vacation was lots of fun. It is great to have all of the boys together in one place for a while. I also got a chance to play Settlers of Catan again and to play through the first 8 or so chapters of Ninja Gaiden II. Add all of that just to the simple fact that I was at home with all of my family and it made for a good 4 days.  

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