Back Home with Words to Write

Anyone want to tell me why I said I would be willing to write a Sunday school unit for Lifeway again? Apparently I forgot how much stress I feel just knowing that every 2 weeks I have to have 4000 words, and not just 4000 random words, but 4000 good words.

Last time I knew it was going to be a difficult task so I spent a couple of months writing every day just getting into the flow. But this year I am coming out of summer and haven’t been writing at all. So now I have to get into the flow while actually trying to write what matters.

I like to complain, but really I love it. I love writing, and if I am honest love to see my name in print. Speaking of that, the new issue of “Let’s Worship” has the “God is…God has done…God will do…” activity from this site so be looking for it.  

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