Back to Go Again

Caleb_1 Well we are back from retreat and I have to say that I have abused my body this week. I am tired, have lost my voice, messed up my digestive system with way too much caffeine, and actually played Ultimate Frisbee too. Now I am about to get into a car and drive for 5 hours to see my new nephew Caleb. That is actually more body abuse right there and it culminates in a house full of allergens. But as much as I think I would love to just hit here and veg out for a while I want to see Caleb. I normally don’t think babies are cute, but the rumor I hear is that Caleb looks like me and if that is true then he is the sexiest baby ever.

Actually from the pictures he is beautiful, but I will let you judge for yourself. I will do a retreat report when we get back from Nashville.

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