Back to School

Today is my official back to school holiday. I normally celebrate by taking the day off, but today is a little different because this is also the first day that Nathan is going to 3yr old kindergarten, Meredith is going back to work, and I have Noah all to myself for a morning. So it is a day full of firsts.

Noah is sitting beside me cooing contentedly even though he has the hiccups. I am trying to process what will go on this Wednesday night. I am talking about Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednigo (to use their Babylonian names) and the stand they took. But I am still working out some of the details about how the lesson will look.

The school year starting always seems to help with attendance. There were times this summer when I had 10 people who had graduated and 6 or 7 people who were going to stick around. That ratio has changed and that is exciting for me. It is exciting to see new people and younger people. It is exciting to change from a group focused on older students to a group focused on younger ones, but it does takes some getting used to. I am still trying to remember the middle school mindset.

Anyway, today is back to school day and I am pretty excited about the rest of the week. Just thought I would share.

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