Back to Work

I love Thanksgiving. It is the most perfect holiday. It is always on a Thursday so you get a long weekend. It is never stuck on a Sunday or buried in the middle of the week (yes I am looking at you Christmas). It has no gift stress. And when you leave your family you know that you are going to get to see them again in a few weeks. And all of that is without even mentioning that it is a holiday that revolves around food.

But with all of that being said I now have to get back to work. I have actually written all of this first part of my Lifeway writing assignment. Now I have to go back and edit and then format everything the right way. Meredith taught the lesson last week and the girls in her class seemed to like it, but they could have just been being nice.

This week I have to really get back into working on my own church stuff. I have a new series that I am starting as well as a 24 hour famine coming up in 2 weeks and on top of all of that I have Winter Retreat stuff as well. So I am swamped for a while.

One cool thing that is happening now is Nathan is going to a baby sitter a couple of afternoons a week so that frees up a few more hours for me to work. I can’t explain how much I miss having the whole day to get work done. I never actually worked all day, but it was fun to be able to spread it out. My brain just functions better when it gets lots of breaks.

Oh well, this is just part of the fun of being me. Of course when I get really stressed about all of my work I have to take a step back and remember the truth. The truth is I am getting paid to do exactly what I love to do. I get a chance to share Jesus with teenagers and on top of that I also am getting paid to write. Is there anything cooler than that? 

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