I am back from vacation and I feel pretty good. I have a few things to pull off this week, but mostly I am just hanging out with students and trying to get everything back in its place after Christmas. I had a pretty good time over the Christmas holiday this year. I got a chance to see pretty much all of our family (my side and Meredith’s side). Nathan had a great time with all of his grandparents. Nathan got lots of cool stuff and was sufficiently excited when he got them. I got a chance to play 3 games including one I had never played before (Ticket to Ride). Meredith actually won 2 of the games and was winning the 3rd when we quit. (That is a very good thing because she doesn’t lose well). On top of all that I got lots of cool stuff including a new iPod touch. So yeah, all in all it was a pretty fun weekend.

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