Bad Movies with Great Endings

The movie Men of Honor was on tonight so I started thinking about this topic. There are some movies that are just so so, but that are redeemed by a really powerful ending. Men of Honor fits that bill to a T. Any time I am flipping channels and see Cuba Gooding Jr. Dressed up in the full dive suit in the courtroom I have to stop and watch. When De Niro says that “He wants his 12 steps” I get chills. It is a great ending scene. Too bad most of the rest of the movie is just ok.

Another movie that I think of in this category is Searching for Bobby Fischer it has one of the greatest endings ever in a very subdued way. Starting with Lawrence Fishburne shouting “There it is!” and moving through the “That was a mistake” and “Don’t move until you see it” lines of Sir Ben Kingsley and finishing with the offer of the draw. It is one powerful moment. Too bad you have to sit through an hour and a half of bad movie to get there.

So what other movies do you think fit this category. I’m not talking about movies with a good twist ending. Usual Suspects and Sixth Sense have astonishing endings, but only on the first time through. I am looking for movies that make you stop the moment you see that you are at the good part.

Now that I think of it there are a bunch of 80’s movies that fit the bill. There are some great speeches at the end of Can’t Buy Me Love and Breakfast Club. I mean who changes the channel when they hear Anthony Michael Hall reading the essay. Ooo, and the modern 80’s movie Angus has a pretty great speech too, but all of those movies are essentially good all the way through. I guess the best 80’s movie to sit the bill would be Say Anything.  While it has some good lines it isn’t really a good movie, but there is something so amazing about him holding up the radio, and I am not even a girl.

Anyway, what would you add to the list?  

One thought on “Bad Movies with Great Endings

  • June 20, 2008 at 6:37 PM

    Hold on. Say Anything didn’t end with him holding the stereo. It ended with them sitting on the plane. She’s scared of flying and the tensions are rising. Then ding–it ends. Wasn’t there a song that you used to sing that went along with that movie?

    Hard to come up with bad movies with great endings. Easy to come up with great movies with great endings–Planet of the Apes, Casablanca, Empire, Dead Poets Society, Officer and a Gentlemen, Rocky, Shawshank, The Natural, Field of Dreams, etc. Could go on all day.

    Best I can come up with for bad movies with a great ending:

    Men of Honor. I actually saw the last part of this last night. Taking those 12 steps was great.

    Rudy. Didn’t think it was that great overall, but you have got to cheer in the end. Each player wanting to sacrifice their spot and the sack on the last play.

    The Other Sister (no comments please, only comes to mind because I saw it last weekend as well). This is for my fellow band geeks out there. You have to love the 76 Trombones at the wedding.

    The Notebook. Movie was ok. Ending was touching.

    Fallen, Arlington Road, and Identity. I think all of these fall into the ending with a twist.


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