Bandwidth Issues

For the first time ever I exceeded my monthly bandwidth limit here at Part of that has to be the uploading and downloading of some very large videos. But for some reason this crazy thing doesn’t track downloads from file storage in the overall stat tracking. So I have no clue how many people have actually downloaded the movies to use.

If everyone who is a regular reader went and downloaded all of the videos then that could mess with my assessment, but it looks like I am either going to need to change my plan or take down the movies. My second option is to go ahead and move the movies to a place where people would have to pay to download the full sized videos. Then I could use that money to offset costs.

I love running and adding stuff, but I don’t make money on this. In fact I lose money every month so I can’t really afford to run over my bandwidth on a regular basis.

So here is what I need from you guys. If you downloaded some of the larger files recently (screen games or movies) could you drop a comment and let me know what you downloaded. I am just trying to get a better idea of the traffic patterns. 

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