Beastmaster is on Amazon Prime

So I am watching this movie again and I have a few thoughts:

  1. I watched this a whole bunch as a child. It must have been on HBO or something, but I know I watched it quite a few times
  2. Watching it again I can’t believe I am not warped even more than I am from watching this thing. It is pretty dark.
  3. In the first 3 minutes a witch like sucks the baby out of a woman by magic and makes it go into the belly of a cow, and people keep watching this movie.
  4. How cool would it be to have the little ferret people as friends!
  5. I have to admit I probably cried the first time I saw one of them die (come to think of it, I don’t remember half of the really weird stuff in this movie, but I do remember that the little ferret dying made an impression on me.)
  6. People living in a post Lord of the Rings movie trilogy world don’t understand what it was like for fantasy fans back in the day. Fantasy movies were dark, cheap, and weird.
  7. There are weird bat people in this movie who clean people of everything but their bones in this thing!

I guess that is all of my thoughts for now. If you haven’t seen Beastmaster it is probably best that you avoid it, but if you have seen it take the time to check it out again. You will enjoy remembering how delightfully terrible it really is.

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