Being a Dad

So I got some senior wisdom about my bee attack yesterday. Everyone over the age of 60 told me that they weren’t bees they were yellow-jackets and the reason that I couldn’t see where they were coming from was because they were coming from a hole in the ground. I was talking about how I had left the mower sitting out there and they said I should go back at night when the yellow-jackets aren’t active and get the mower and then pour gasoline down the hole.

I have to admit that every part of me wanted to just leave the mower where it was and go and buy a new one. I mean, I could live without that back corner of my yard. But I kept thinking that soon I will want to go out and play with Nathan and what would happen if he ran over there and was the one getting stung not me. So I went to tackle my problem.

I think I would have been a little bit more brave if this wasn’t just a few days after Steve Irwin was killed by something with a stinger, but in any case I was a site to see out there. I pulled the lawn mower back a few feet and then ran to see if anything was going to fly up at me. I repeated the same process with the grass bag that was just laying on the ground. Then I went back to find this hole that I had been told about. Sure enough right underneath the mower there was a small hole leading down into the ground.

So armed with a flashlight and a gallon of gas I faced my attackers for Nathan’s sake. With the price of gas as it is now I must have poured 10 bucks worth of gas down that hole, but I was determined to make sure it was taken care of. I had a huge urge to set it on fire too, but in the end I just let the gas do its work.

The whole time I was doing this (aside from looking around to see if anyone was watching me act like a fool) I was singing a song that my dad used to sing. I don’t remember much, but it was a dad singing to his children and the chorus is something like, “That’s my job, that’s what I do, everything I do is because of you, cause that’s my job you see” or something like that. I just can’t believe that I am the dad doing stuff because it’s my job.  

One thought on “Being a Dad

  • September 12, 2006 at 7:13 PM

    It’s a Conway Twitty song "That’s My Job". Pretty sentimental. I almost teared up here at my desk reading the lyrics. And I’m very glad it’s your job not mine to kill the bees.


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