Being a Pastor

This has been a pastor type week for me. Even though my title says associate pastor, many weeks I am just the youth guy. Over the past seven days I have been doing a ton of pastor stuff too. Honestly I don’t see how most pastors make it through an average month.

I could sit here and list the things that I have done, and it is a quite a few things, but that doesn’t get to the emotional weight of these events and how much they take out of you. Add to that the needs of a 2 year old and a trying to fix a computer and suddenly there isn’t a whole lot of extra time to recharge. I just feel drained today and I still have work to do.

Luckily it is See You at the Pole week so there is a big rally tomorrow night that keeps me from needing to prepare a youth lesson. Hopefully I will be able to refocus and get ready for next week as we continue our study of Song of Solomon. (you read that right teenagers and the most erotic book of the Bible, it is an interesting mix.)

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