Being the Secretary

I have finished my first week of life without a church secretary. We had people answering the phones on most days, but since I am the one who knows how to use publisher making the newsletter and bulletin fell to me. I can’t believe that Mrs. Glenda didn’t complain more about our bulletin. I designed it several years ago, but I never really set it up week to week. Today I found out that the date is on that blasted thing 4 different times. That is just a typo waiting to happen. (I missed a date change on the newsletter earlier in the week). That is just poor design.

We did have someone come in to answer the phones today and to catch church visitors. We have at least 3 people a week come in the office looking for help with their bills. I generally like to speak to each of them, but sometimes I am trying to finish something and it is nice to have someone else handle their needs. It is also very nice not to need to stop what I am doing when the phone rings.

There are lots of people at our church who are volunteering to help while we look for our new church secretary so I am not the only one with more work, but now that this crazy week is behind me I feel like it was a whole lot of extra work. I guess you never know how much work someone does until they are gone.

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