Bible Scavenger Hunt

Tonight I was talking about how the Bible can be your guide through the journey of life so I thought I would make a little game that made you journey through the Bible. The concept is simple. You read the first verse and clue and that will give you a number. Then you take that number and put it in the reference of the next clue. Look up that verse and you should find the number for the next clue and so on.

We were going to talk about Jeremiah 6:16 which is why I had students write that one down. You can either use this to make your own game sheet up or you can download the .pdf here.

Esther 2:12 – months of beauty treatments
Acts 11:__ – how many brothers
John 2:__ – the number of stone jars
Joshua __:6 – how many priests with trumpets
Genesis 32:__ – how many groups of people
Numbers 26:__ – age of men to be counted
1 Kings __:16 – drunk kings with Ben-Hadad
Jeremiah __:9 – how many shekels
1 Samuel __:4 – Goliath was over how many ft.
1 Chron. 26:__ – how many able bodied men
1 Kings 7:__ – how many rows of pomegranates
Galatians __:1 – number of years
2 Kings __:21 – how old was Azariah
Jeremiah 6:__
Write what God says in this verse below:

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